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Glimmer Pink Energy Therapy Earrings


    Wear your jewelry for 30 days to feel the difference.

    Please read the description below for more details about your piece!

    Your product includes:

         This piece has been programmed (read more below) with 1000s of healing and protective frequencies (FAQs). It is specifically designed and programed to protect you from electromagnetic frequency (EMF) pollution from:

    • Cell and cordless phones 

    • Cell towers and power lines

    • All generations including 5G (and continued)

    • Computers and laptops

    • Hair dryers

    • Microwaves

    • Car dashboards

    • Machinery

    • Any other EMF polluters

         They also may work to reduce and

    protect against:

    • Clear negative cellular memory (PTSD)

    • Negative thoughts and emotions (personal, external, and environmental)

    • Decrease and, in some cases ELIMINATE, certain kinds of pain

    • Stress

    • Neck and shoulder fatigue

         Also may help:

    • Increase energy (& less fatigue while using EMF devices including computers and phones)

    • Improve memory, balance, focus, and concentration

    • Balance polarity

    • Focus and concentration

    • Academic and athletic performances

    • Autistic, ADD and ADHD people (some having wonderful, INSTANT results)

    • Others sensitive to electromagnetic pollution

         These are just a FEW things ALL of our pieces are programmed to do. Our jewelry NEVER needs to be cleaned, cleared, or reprogrammed. *Unless you specifically buy programmed jewelry, you do not receive most (if any) of the listed benefits (FAQs).

    *Some older images will be updated

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