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  • Why buy Bioenergetic Jewelry?​​ Unprogrammed jewelry, glass, and semi-precious stones do not offer the same strong and consistent (if any) beneficial frequencies. Each one-of-a-kind piece always has the most healing and protective of these. It will never need cleaned, cleared or recharged like semi-precious stones. All pieces (with the exception of Pocket Stones and Bottles) also come with a free breakage guarantee and free programming updates through Claudia Diltz' lifetime. 

  • Does all dichroic glass work the same? Dichroic glass must be programmed to receive any healing (or other) effects. Without programming, our pieces would be nothing more than beautiful glass with no beneficial aspects. This is why we warn against purchasing from someone who has not explicitly stated they program their glass.

  • How does the jewelry hold frequencies? The dichroic glass (which gives the holographic-like shine) found in the pendants is made using quartz crystals and mineral oxides. Quartz crystal is the same mineral used to make computer chips, due to its ability to hold information. Minerals are further capable of holding our frequencies, and act as the electrical conductors of our bodies. The combination of these elements allow our glass to be programmed and colorful. Learn more in How It's Made.​​​

  • Where do you get the frequencies? The literal 1000s of frequencies were gathered from 4 separate and costly pieces of equipment (one a tesla coil).

  • Does the pendant or frequencies ever get polluted, or tarnished? No, it does not need cleaned, cleared or recharged like semi-precious stones. However, if we add frequencies, we will always update the pieces for free.

  • Does the size affect the effects of the pieceNo matter the size of the piece, it will have the same beneficial effects.

  • Can you make the same pendant? Because of the nature of glass, no two pendants are alike. Each is handcrafted allowing us to experiment and perfect shape, texture (in some cases), color, and more.


  • When does my piece work? Your piece only works when it's on you. It will also work to program energies of food and water if held against them.​​

Protect yourself and those you love. Wear your bioenergetic piece every day and feel the difference!​​


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