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     Our Bio-Energetic Revitalizers are created exclusively by glass artist Claudia Diltz. Every breathtaking piece is designed to help protect us from the harmful effects of daily EMF exposure. Please note this section is about how we create the glass jewelry. For how we program our pendants, what frequencies we use, and other questions visit FAQs.

     Claudia begins by ordering the glass (dichroic and regular) or viewing her stock. She will then select pieces of both dichroic and sheet glass and cut them to the size she determines.

     For earrings, she aims to create a 1/2 inch square out of the same materials. Pendants may go up to 3 inches, while energy plates may be cut to 7 inches or beyond. She will then layer and glue the pieces with glass glue how she sees fit.


     The next step if firing in the kiln. She must space the pendants out in the kiln so they do not combine. Glass will also group together and become more circular during this firing. During this process, Claudia is constantly raising and checking the temperature- too high or too low can destroy the piece if she is not carful.

     After the pieces come out of the kiln and cooldown, she shapes them up using a saw and grinder. After achieving the final shape, she "fire polishes" them which smooths out the miniscule rough edges from grinding. The final step is to put a bail (the back piece), cord, or other finishing touches on. Now, the pieces are ready to find their homes!

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