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Many people do not realize the dangers they face, simply by being in the presence of EMFs.

Bioenergetic Jewelry's main goal is to prevent and protect against these foul symptoms. Along the way, we integrated frequencies that promote harmonic healing and welfare (What You're Really Getting). Learn more below!

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     Modern Technology, although crucial to our everyday lives, has increased our exposure to hazardous electromagnetic frequencies (EMF's). Because they cannot be seen, heard, or touched, we do not realize the serious threat EMF's pose to our health and well being. These threats include:

  • Pain and joint damage

  • Low energy

  • Nervousness

  • Anxiety

  • Skin breakouts


  • Fatigue

  • Depression

     And, we are exposed to them everywhere: cell phones, computers, wireless internet, televisions, radios, appliances, hair dryers, powerlines, microwaves, lighting frequencies, negative geographic energy paths. Even our own negative thoughts and the energy of others are just a few of the many immune system depressors we may encounter daily.


Dr. Carlo has conducted research since before the original cell phone boom. His inquiries and findings paved the way to the truth about EMFs. One discovery unveiled that we are under 100 million times more stress from EMF's than our grandparents were... Scary!

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     Bio-Energetic Revitalizers are designed to help protect and harmonize our physical and subtle bodies from the harmful effects from negative energy fields. Each piece provides personal protection and are programmed to:

  • Clear Cellular Memory (traumas and negative thought patterns accumulated over your lifetime)

  • Bring Balance to Your System

  • Normalize Central Nervous System Function (from EMF Exposure causing memory loss, weakness, anxiety

  • and depression)

  • ​Protect From Detrimental Energies

  • Increase Optimism and Self Esteem

  • Reduce and/or Eliminate Certain Kinds of Persistent (and other) Pain

  • Increases and Balances Energy.​

Our pendants have helped tens of thousands of people and animals internationally. View yours by clicking 'catalog', and prepare to be healed.

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